Left Behind

Reflecting on Nigeria’s 2019 General Elections

The 2019 General Elections was a very significant one in Nigeria’s history.

Officially, over 80 million Nigerians collected their voter cards from the Electoral Body for that election, but only about 30 percent of those people voted during the elections, the lowest recorded voter turnout in the history of Nigeria’s democracy.

The team at The Section Network wanted to understand why this had happened, to enable them make submissions to policymakers on how this level of failure can be avoided in coming elections. We partnered with them to conduct interviews and obtain data around the current state of play

To show the human impact of electoral deficiencies on average Nigerians, The Election Network produced a documentary titled “Left Behind.”

This screening will take place on the

Date: 29th April 2021


Venue: Community Park, Third Floor, Bassan Plaza