Researcher NG is committed to giving authoritative facts with regards to public and social issues in Nigeria, and what Nigerians are saying about these issues. The work of ResearcherNG is sufficiently divided to impact Individuals, public and private businesses, local and International Organizations, Government parastatals and Academics, providing concise and understandable data which can aid in policy making, interventions and other actions that require data. Researcher NG does this by collecting and transforming the most relevant data on relevant topics into brief, brilliant, purpose driven stories. Through our work, we help institutions and organizations make better decisions with data.


Our Mission

To deliver facts that will influence policy and drive positive action towards public and social issues.

Our Services

Public Sentiments Analysis

We do this using opinion polls, sentiment analysis and surveys which we organize from different sources. We consider the thoughts and reactions of Nigerians on the most pressing issues, turning their opinions to useful data which can influence the decisions of the government or potential investors and help academicians draw a valid conclusion.


We are dedicated to helping individuals and organizations understand issues, and identify opportunities for growth through our research. We also increase public awareness by sharing data content in our media platforms.

Data Consulting

We are available for consultation. We help individuals, businesses and organizations understand, interpret and create value from their data, and tell stories with them.


Data Roles are the most sought-after roles in recent times as a result of the internet surge. We prioritize data literacy and try to include as many individuals as we can. We are available to train journalists, founders, social media managers and anyone looking to learn a data skill, or how to tell stories using data.

Our Values



We understand how vital facts are to our community and the world at large, we strive to get the most concise facts available, cross check assumptions, and conclusively determine if an opinion is shared by a large group of people, and how it can affect policy and public growth.



At the Crux of our work is continually asking questions and engaging issues in diverse perspectives because we recognize that curiosity is a powerful tool for everyday learning and opportunities. As Researchers, we are aware that curiosity has the potential of increasing life satisfaction by making life more active. we aim to give our clients, colleagues and associates the utmost satisfaction.



Quality information doesn't have to be long. We rely on precision, clarity and brevity because we recognize the purpose of research, which is to effectively communicate the results of our research in an understandable manner and that is exactly what we do.



We value creativity in our organization because we recognize the uniqueness in our differences. We encourage our staff, colleagues and associates to be open with ideas. We believe that the world is dynamic and the key to our success lies in our creativity.