What They Said: The 4th Republic Manifestos

Manifestos and election promises, which are usually described with different epithets like “Transformation Agenda” and “Next Level”  have become a common feature of electoral campaigns in Nigeria. Candidates and parties attempt to use these manifestos to influence electoral outcomes, align voters, or shape voter views about candidates.

However, beyond outlining visions and policies pre-election, the actual implementation of these policies or visions post-election is very crucial. At ResearcherNG, we thought that tracking and documenting the progress presidents have made over time will help policy makers understand the issues that exist, and that continue to linger. In this review, we assigned score cards which are colour coded to determine the intensity of the fulfilment of  manifesto promises by presidents in the 4th Republic.

What We Found
The most common issues that have featured on manifestos since the Obasanjo era is infrastructure and economic reforms. Our review shows a large number of promises from these manifestos have not been delivered to the Nigerian people as none of the presidents passed a 50% mark for fulfilling pre-election promises.  The Yar’adua administration which was the shortest had the most stunted achievements, while the Obasanjo and Goodluck administration met  a fair number of their  promises. We noted that a number of President Buhari’s first tenure manifestos were met with action in his second tenure. However, the second tenure of his administration will not be receiving  a scorecard since he has not completed it yet. Find out how we arrived at the scorecard here.