Status: Past Project

Public Confidence in Nigeria’s Elections

Client/Donor: Anvarie Tech/ National Endowment for Democracy, Washington DC (2020 – 2022)

Project Brief:  This project was aimed at boosting citizens’ access to reliable election information and building public confidence in the integrity of the electoral process in Nigeria through research and knowledge sharing. To help achieve project objectives, we conducted primary and secondary research on the events in the electoral space and measured the pulse of citizens towards critical electoral issues, via polling and other citizen-centered research methods.


  • Monthly briefs that use data to explore the issues surrounding the electoral space in Nigeria.
  • Dissemination events and documentary screening for media and stakeholders.
  • State of Freedom Report: An analytical report on civic participation in Nigeria, being used to advocate for the introduction of policies or laws to protect civic space and expression, or the repeal of policies, laws, and practices that punish free expression.