COVID19: 43% of Nigerians Either Lost Their Jobs Or Took pay Cuts

The coronavirus epidemic did not only affect healthcare systems across the world but crippled businesses and affected economies in eventful ways. ResearcherNG in seeking to validate experiences of people shared mostly via online channels asked respondents what their current and 43% said they had either lost their jobs/businesses, taken pay cuts or knew someone who had similar experiences. 32% said they still had their jobs and full pay. 2% of our respondents said they got financial support from their employers while 1% were uncertain about their next pay. 14% of our respondents said they considered taking a loan to ease financial stress. 

How We Did It

ResearcherNG conducted this study to understand the perception of Coronavirus pandemic and the impact of misinformation since the outbreak. We surveyed 1,121  Nigerian adults in April 2020 for this report. The surveys were mostly conducted via online channels and weighted to match Nigeria’s adult population by.age, gender and location. We also held in-depth interviews and focus group meetings to validate responses. It will be instructive to note that in sampling errors, question wordings and the peculiarities of conducting surveys such as this can introduce bias to some aspects of these polls. However, we took accurate measures to ensure error is at its barest.