Nigerians have more negative​ than positive views about the ​country’s ability to manage Coronavirus

On February 28, 2020, Nigeria had its first confirmed case of the COVID-19 virus. A second case has subsequently been confirmed by health authorities. 

Nigeria is one of the high impartation risk countries according to public health researchers after Egypt, Algeria, and South Africa

The researchers classified Nigeria as having moderate to a low capacity for containment of the disease, as the health authorities continue to assure Nigerians of their preparedness and capacity to handle the situation. 

What do Nigerians think?

ResearcherNG conducted a sentiment analysis of tweets containing the hashtag #coranavirusinnigeria and other related hashtags between February 28, and March 6, 2020.

We found that Nigerians have more negative than positive (7%) views about the countries ability to effectively control the spread of COVID-19 in Nigeria. Other mentions reflected negative (16%) or neutral (77%) sentiments towards the issue. Most of these opinions were expressed via twitter while others were expressed to blog posts or web platforms. 

As of March 9, 2020, there has been about 110,146 confirmed cases across the world. Outside China, the epicenter of the epidemic, Italy and Iran have been the most hit countries with 7375 and 6566 confirmed cases respectively. 

In Africa, the highest recorded cases are in Egypt (49) with 1 death and 12 recoveries in the same study period. 

On a positive note, there has been a remarkable number of recoveries, currently at 62,095.  Although COVID-19 is highly infectious, its fatality rate is much suppressed, compared to SARS, with a fatality rate of 11%,  and Ebola with a death rate of 90%